Executive protection has gone digital

The EP Manager will also oversee one or more seats in the organization’s security operations center. It is here that intelligence – including that provided by EPAs, PIAs and CTAs – together with surveillance input from IoT and other sources will enable better command and control decisions. The EP Manager will work more closely with Protective Intelligence Analysts and Cyber Threat Analysts to proactively identify and analyze the new types of risk to the principal ushered in by the IoT. Both will work together to monitor, analyze and report on risks, threats and other developments that may impact the principal’s safety, privacy, productivity or reputation. Nonetheless, technology can and should be exploited by the security services industry—and this will require officers and supervisors who are well rounded in technology applications.

Classic attack scenarios targeting executives have focused primarily on physical surveillance of the executive or their family members, followed by an actual or attempted attack. However, criminals and other malicious actors have added a host of new tools and techniques in recent years, opening up many new types of attacks and pre-operational surveillance that EP teams must understand and mitigate. To counter these threats, executive protection personnel must create thorough and holistic executive protection plans, while engaging in a continual process of risk assessment and mitigation in coordination with all members of the executive protection team. Since all of these provide an opportunity to spy on a company executive and Use of EP knowledge of sensitive information it is important that counterespionage be incorporated into executive protection programs. To ensure meaningful protection, security teams must take into account both physical and digital risks.

And of course it’s not just high risk employees or executives who can benefit from executive protection programs. Executive protection tips can help keep high profile employees safer in-house from other kinds of danger, like active shooter attacks or hostage taking situations. Whether your team uses an actual service or you’re just sticking to a basic executive protection checklist for physical and cybersecurity threats, it is smart to apply this kind of proactive safety and security planning throughout the organization.

Our B6 armored and soft-skin vehicles can be configured to meet your requirements. We equip our entire fleet with electronic counter-measures , as well as radio and satellite communications systems, allowing our operations centers to track your movements in real time. We are able to deploy different vehicle profiles as dictated by the latest threats, the overall intelligence picture, your specific requirements, the task, and the operating environment.

With the proper tools, investigative techniques, and procedural guardrails in place, a GSOC can tap a valuable intelligence source. The services listed below are all services aimed at deterring theft and criminal offenses. These are all services with the objective of deterring theft and criminal offenses. Our end-to-end cash supply chain solutions make cash management smart, simple and seamless.

Ultimately, it is the company providing executive protection that is responsible for the broader mission of ensuring physical safety and reducing risk across all channels. The cybersecurity posture of any executive should be as resilient as their physical security. It must also extend beyond individual protection to include the family, the home network, and the smart devices they interact with. Finally, it should also be as unobtrusive and frictionless as conventional, physical executive protection services strive to be.

Throughout this process, and particularly valuable for our clients, Kroll’s executive protection specialists highlight publicly available personal information that can be used to target our clients by nefarious actors. Oftentimes, threat actors will gather information about their targets utilizing publicly available information. We will help identify that information to better inform and establish your protective efforts and disrupt those who may intend harm or embarrassment.

In addition, influencers are at high risk of stalking because they publish personal information that stalkers can use to track their behavior. When credible executive attacks are identified, security teams are on the clock to swiftly mitigate the threat. However, many are unable to take down threats quickly enough to minimize damage.


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