2 Proven Ways to Buy Backlinks Cheap

In this article I’m going to cover how to buy backlinks cheap and effectively. How cheap backlinks can be considered of little value as they can easily be bought for a ridiculously low price or done in an inconspicuous manner requiring very little work. However, if you look the Internet hard enough you will more than likely find respectable and reasonably priced backlinks for your website.

So what’s the difference between cheap and high quality backlinks? The main difference is that cheap are generally designed to achieve a specific result – they are there to get you to visit their site, buy their product or service and hopefully return later. Whereas high quality backlinking techniques are designed to create a more permanent result, one which will have a significant impact on your website ranking and organic traffic. One example of this is to buy long tail keyword phrases, these are very specific niche keywords with low competition but usually contain one or two highly searched keywords. Click here for more information about creating backlinks

So how do you get results for these kinds of keywords cheaply? Well, it’s simple really, by buying them cheaply from a directory such as Overture or Yahoo! Directory which allow you to buy targeted one-way backlinks with certain characteristics. For example, the backing should be from a popular website with a lot of inbound links. It should also be a keyword phrase that is highly searched within your niche and highly targeted within Google’s organic search results. These characteristics are what makes these backlinking strategies so valuable.

Now we’re talking about the second method to buy backlinks cheap, which is using a different IP address to achieve the same goal. Different IPs (Internet Protocol addresses) are used for different purposes and can greatly affect your rankings in the major search engines. If your site has the ability to achieve different rankings due to having different IPs, then you can buy backlinks cheap by purchasing a different IP and placing the link on a different IP.

This is another proven way of achieving backlinks cheap and it works just as well as the first method. I’m not going to go into how this method works, there are many different e-books and guides available on the internet that detail this thoroughly. The key difference here is you don’t have to wait for the desired results because this method works instantly. Just make sure the link is placed on a follow high quality website and within Google’s organic search results. This requires you to have a minimum of six months of relevant backlink building behind you in order to get instant results, this is called the “six month rule”.

So now that you know the two different methods of getting backlinks cheap, you need to understand why placing links on the top of your site will improve your rankings. In order to understand this you must understand the link popularity and link structure of your competitors. When you learn how they rank their sites, you’ll be able to incorporate some of their tactics into yours and achieve top ranking in a short amount of time.


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