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A book’s total score is based on multiple factors, including the number of people who have voted for it and how highly those voters ranked the book. This book is written by Melanie Johnson, she has written and narrated many audiobooks. She has a lovely voice too, won’t make you cringe – I promise. Don’t take it personally, but Puppies for dummies could be an excellent choice for you. This book stirs away from any idea on ‘alpha dog’ philosophy, and is instead recognised by its loving and welcoming ways of getting your puppy to stop poo-ing in your living room. No more of your puppy terrorising the neighbourhood children!

If your child can read well, they’ll be able to follow along with the lessons and train your dog. The book is well-organized and offers tips for rural and urban dogs. It has engaging illustrations and straightforward steps to follow, so your child won’t feel overwhelmed or lost.

I wanted to learn everything I could about her—which of course led to learning perhaps even more about myself. My interests extend to the junctures of the natural world and that of humanity; I’ve also written books about the nature of home and motorcycling. Pat Miller is a prolific writer for many dog magazines, including Dog Fancy and Whole Dog Journal, and this book is a must for every pet parent’s library.””Culture Clash”” by Jean Donaldson. A popular book that challenges our assumptions about how dogs think and how we think about them.””Don’t Shoot the Dog!”” by Karen Pryor.

The book has beautiful illustrations and photos to help reinforce how to play each game. As well as guidance on dog training, you’ll find advice on overcoming separation anxiety and tackling behavioural problems in adult dogs. Written with award-winning author Dina Roth Port, Dog Training Revolution condenses hundreds of hours of video content into a comprehensive dog training guide that’s fun and functional. try this website for more guidance.

Whether you’re in the early stages of training your new puppy or you want to reinforce good behaviour in your dog, these books have you covered. Dubbed “Britain’s best dog trainer” by The Telegraph, Graeme Hall has plenty of experience when it comes to working with pets. He’s the presenter of Channel 5’s ‘Dogs Behaving Badly’ and has even taken his expertise on a UK tour. We so strongly believe that puppy husbandry and training information is so important that it should be freely available to all, with the hope that dogs will be happier and healthier because of it. As soon as you teach High-Five, Back-up, Bow, and ‘dance’ with your dog, all the basics, keeping close, Come, Sit, Down, Stay and Walk-by-my-Side appear as if by magic.

Perfect for classes or going it alone, this user-friendly, engaging book describes a six-week training program that gets dogs and their owners off on the right paw. (Eat your heart out Kyra!) Oodles of gorgeous, sequential photographs and very clear, straightforward, step-by-step instructions. Shirlee Kalstone and her books have been trusted for over 20 years. She has written over 8 books on dog training, and has also filled her career with becoming a professional groomer and with working in the Humane Society. How many pet parents say they ‘got a puppy for the children?

Distraction-free training spaces are great for learning obedience basics at first, but as your dog advances, add distractions slowly to “proof” or solidify your dog’s focus on you and improve his skills. Learn step-by-step strategies in The Beginner’s Guide to Dog Agility to begin agility training with your dog. Written by agility competitor Laurie Leach, this easy-to-read guide prepares your dog to tackle the agility course with ease and translates well to other canine sports, too, like canicross and skijoring training. The end goal is a more informed, confident owner that sets dogs up for success. A pageturner packed with positive dog training tips that could benefit any pet parent.

She’s been starring in the long-running TV show ‘It’s Me or The Dog’, and in many other ones across the US and UK. The knowledge of these two talented authors together makes this book unbeatable in my opinion. does not intend to provide veterinary advice.

With this puppy training book, you’ll get good stuff on how to teach your puppy the right things from the get go. This book has modern, veterinary-approved, positive training methods to help people understand their pups and correct behaviors, rather than giving up their dogs. In a perfect world, your dog should know obedience basics like sit, heel, and stay by the time he’s 1 year old, but this isn’t always possible.


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