Sending gifts on TikTok is essentially a virtual tip. Although many people are familiar with using TikTok coins to support creators, they can also be used for other purposes. For instance, you can use them to send gifts to creators directly through the comment section. Participating in TikTok challenges can also earn you coins for free. If your videos are amusing or engaging enough, viewers may send you tips in the form of coins. Challenges are frequently updated, so you can take advantage of these trends to increase your chances of receiving coins.

A payout is possible from around 50 US dollars, and you do it via the “”Withdraw” command in the balance menu. Chinese company ByteDance owns the short-form video hosting platform TikTok, also known as Douyi in China. It consists of various short-form user videos from the users for their daily content.

You can also give influencer gifts in their chatbox. The coins are bought with real money and are valid in the app only. And you can buy the coins via your bank or PayPal account. If you want to use this app to create videos, then this is the best platform for you. Create videos and share with millions of people around the world.

Past challenges include the cinnamon challenge and many more. Of India decided to block 59 apps, including TikTok. Unfortunately, sending and giving away tiktok free coins does not only offer advantages. Since digital currencies and in-app purchases have a lower inhibition threshold, you can quickly spend more money than you can afford.

If you have thousands of followers on this app, then you can generate revenue as well. Shoot video directly from this app and edit it according to your need. Videos should be less than 1 minute and you must share your own videos. Tiktok Mod has some awesome perks such as watermark removed and all features unlocked. Tiktok is the most popular video sharing platform where you can share your talent with the world.

Join the TikTok Live of the creator you would like to send a gift to. Ensuring the privacy and security of all our users in India remains our utmost priority. Pete loves all things technology and is also an avid DIYer at heart.


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