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The rectum sits between the colon and anus and acts as a holding chamber for digestive wastes. When the pressure in the rectum is high, the anal sphincter muscles relax and aid in defecation. The rectangular mass of lymphoid tissues behind the nasal cavity, above the roof of the mouth. Also known as the pharyngeal tonsil or nasopharyngeal tonsil. They are part of the immune system, which helps fight infection and protects the body from pathogens. The most common symptom is the enlargement of the extremities, face, and/or jaw.

You can browse the medical terminology glossary or search for medical terms. This medical dictionary displays information that may be available from any of the more than 40,000 publicly available dictionaries, encyclopedias, research articles, and books. A medical dictionary is a lexicon for words used in medicine. The three major medical dictionaries in the United States are Stedman’s, Taber’s, and Dorland’s. Other significant medical dictionaries are distributed by Elsevier. Dictionaries often have multiple versions, with content adapted for different user groups.

The medical dictionary covers the terminology of over 16,000 healthcare words including diseases, medical jargon, and abbreviations. The medical imaging technique is used to visualize the vascular system. It is suggested when there are signs of a stroke or coronary heart disease.

By the time of Antonio Guaineri (died in 1440) and Savonarola, this work was used alongside others by Oribasius, Isidore of Seville, Mondino dei Liuzzi, Serapion, and Pietro d’Abano. Then, as now, writers struggled with the terminology used in various translations from earlier Greek, Latin, Hebrew, and Arabic works. Later works by Jacques Departs and Jacopo Berengario da Carpi continued building on the Synonyma.

Arthralgia – Joint pain arising from injury, infection, arthritis, and other ailments. Arsenic is a greyish silver element that when ingested or inhaled causes arsenic poisoning or arsenicosis. Long-term exposure to arsenic from contaminated food and water can cause cancer and skin lesions. Aorta carries oxygenated blood from the left ventricle to all parts of the body. Anxiety disorders are conditions in which the anxiety is constant, overwhelming, or recurring.

A diagnostic procedure involves listening to the sounds of thoracic or abdominal viscera. Abnormal sounds could indicate problems in the lungs, heart valves, and abdomen. The auricle amplifies sound waves and funnels them towards the inner ear. Cauliflower ear, also known as perichondrial hematoma or wrestler’s ear, is a deformity of the auricle caused by an injury. Atrial fibrillation happens when atria and ventricles don’t work together as they should due to faulty electrical signaling, resulting in quivering or irregular heartbeats. The suffix indicates lack or loss of strength, debility, or muscle weakness.

The anus consists of glands, ducts, blood vessels, mucus, tissues, and nerves. Disorders of the anus include anal cancer, anal fissure, anal abscess, anal swelling, and anal fistula. As always, be sure to talk with your health care team about any questions you may have about the information you find. The Synonyma Simonis Genuensis, attributed to the physician to Pope Nicholas IV in the year 1288, was printed by Antonius Zarotus at Milan in 1473.

Other precursors to modern medical dictionaries include lists of terms compiled from the Hippocratic Corpus in the first century AD. Medical is used to describe many things related to medicine, such as examinations, treatments, and experts. When this word is applied to something, it usually has a specific meaning, such as a medical expert is a doctor or nurse. Medical describes something related to the science or practice of medicine, as in My doctor’s medical experience with cancer is extensive. ’ “No home should be without one” certainly applies to this splendid medical dictionary ’, Journal of the Institute of Health Education. RxList does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

This section deals with all med terms beginning with the letter A, and features medical roots, prefixes, and suffixes. The scientific study or practice of diagnosing, treating, and preventing diseases or disorders of the body or mind of a person or animal. The earliest known glossaries of medical terms were discovered on Egyptian papyrus authored around 1600 B.C.

Medical research has led to better treatment for diabetes patients. Consult Taber’s anywhere you go with web access + our easy-to-use mobile app. Pain radiates from the heads of the metatarsal bones and worsens when bearing weight or being palpated. Also known as the armpit, the axilla is the concave area marking the upper limb and thorax. The axilla is the passageway for several neuromuscular structures, axillary lymph nodes, axillary artery and vein, and the brachial plexus.


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