The Top 10 Most Popular Online Games of All Time

So without further ado, here is a comprehensive review of the best online games available on the internet: DESTINY 2. Once upon a time in an unknown galaxy far away from Earth, in a land far above the oceans of Earth, an entity known as the Guardians arises and tries to safeguard the peace of the universe. If humanity is to ever achieve ascendancy and rule over the universe, they will need the aid of powerful space weapons and vehicles to do it. In order to be able to do this, they need allies who can help them turn the tide of battle in their favour. Join up with new friends to form your own Guardian team and fight the evil threats that haunt the Galaxy in Destiny 2: Chronicles of Doom.

The best online games of this decade have been primarily shooters with well developed narrative lines, excellent graphics and fantastic audio tracks. This is evident in both DOOM and Titanfall. The first game in the DOOM series instilled an intense atmosphere and action as well as a gripping, fast-paced gameplay, while the second game Titanfall put the sci-fi shooter genre on the map and revolutionized it. While DOOM features intense visuals and a gripping storyline, Titanfall taps into the fan base of Respawn Entertainment who created the popular Call of Duty series of games. It makes for an excellent mix between first person shooter gameplay, real military equipment, space adventure, and comedy.

FPS (first person shooter) situs slot games have also had a huge influence on the genres of today. These best online games revolve around using guns (and other forms of ammunition) to shoot enemies and eliminate targets. Using the mouse or keyboard, players are able to seamlessly move the camera to scan the environment. Various environmental factors such as wind, rain, fog, and other hazards can be manipulated, which increases the level of detail in the game. Also, using the keyboard or mouse, the players are able to draw something on the screen using the arrow keys and then shoot it to eliminate the target.

For those looking for the social platform AAA (arguably the most popular genres) on which to ply their wares, look no further than MMOs (Massive Multiplayer Online Games). A MMO allows players to form groups composed of hundreds or thousands of people and play together in massive online worlds that span a world. Unlike an RPG (role playing game), wherein the player has a single objective, a MMO allows them to explore and conquer large amounts of land using a variety of available tools, such as building, transportation, weapons, and more. In addition, players can engage in quests, go on adventures, and do everything that goes along with playing a traditional RPG without having to actually live inside the game world. Despite its massive size, the best online games of this decade will feature a great deal of free-roaming, PvE (also known as non-player versus environment), and PvP (player versus player).

Lastly, for those seeking the best online games of all time, the best MMORPGs will feature intense, exciting gameplay that requires the players to utilize all of their brain power to survive. In short, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game requires its players to think fast on their feet. Most will require hours upon hours of leveling up, unlocking new levels, mastering skills, and more before players are even able to engage in any combat. This is why many are calling this the best MMORPG ever, as players must constantly think and react to any situations that may arise during game play.

With so many different platforms and genres available, it’s difficult to pinpoint one single genre that will remain a top hits across the board throughout the entire decade. However, the three most popular online games of the past decade are all available on PCs, meaning that PC gamers have the ability to enjoy all of the benefits that gaming has to offer. So which of these top ten most popular online games are you playing right now?


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